Our Story

Having a vast background across many heavy industries has uncovered a growing number of practices and mandatory requirements that are impeding the skill sets and expertise of multiple disciplines.

From this the VUYU team has set out to create solutions for all Trades and Professions through the application of an augmented reality systems approach and product development.

A strong background across a number of heavy industries ranging from mining, oil and gas, solar/renewables and construction.

The key ingredient that will contribute to the long term success of any augmented reality technology is in the ability for a single product to be scaled across multiple sectors and industries.

Smart glasses and head wearable technology have use cases spanning across many industries and these new verticals have compelled many AR manufacturers to develop head wearable technologies that can only be applied to one or a small number of use cases.

Our Vision

Australia's market leading workforce technology provider, delivering application specific solutions to enable smarter ways of working across multiple sectors.

Our Mission

Empower the frontline workforce with smarter solutions and ensure the current and future generation of workers are enabled with the most advanced 5G technologies.

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